More Late Night Thinking

I was thinking about cancer just now.


Me and that fucking tumor drove to Wyoming and back.

“You need to follow up with your regular doctor”     and then…..      “You have a mass in your pelvis”.

I suppose my cancer was platinum-sensitive, since my CA125 went from 1,100 to 35 after surgery and 2 rounds of chemo.

I can’t believe it’ll be 2 years this summer, since I finished treatment, and I’ve been cancer free ever since.

This cancer is such a bitch, that I’m afraid it’ll wait until I’m nice and comfortable, and secure, and THEN it’ll come back.

What if I only get 4 years NED?

Hopefully, by the time I relapse (if/when I relapse), it’ll be a brave, new world of treatments. Maybe there’ll even be a cure.

I am finally feeling in control of my body, for the first time since diagnosis. I’d be so pissed to lose my hair again, and lose all the progress I’ve made toward not being ugly.


Then, my stomach clenched. I want to be cancer free forever.

I figured I should come on here, and write all this down.


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